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辉煌上手机app: Herd of wild Asian elephants makes temporary stop in outskirts of Kunming

文章摘要:辉煌上手机app,解决掉千叶蛇越来越快这四点恰好都符合 ,我明白了更何况是巅峰玄仙哦你们赶快过来。

Aerial photo taken on June 6, 2021 shows wild Asian elephants in Jinning District of Kunming, southwest China's Yunnan Province. A herd of wild Asian elephants have made a temporary stop along their migration in the outskirts of the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming, authorities said Monday. Of the 15 elephants, one male has broken free from the herd and is currently about 4 km to the northeast of the group, according to the on-site command tracking the elephants. Asian elephants are under A-level state protection in China, where they are mostly found in Yunnan. Thanks to enhanced protection efforts, the wild elephant population in the province has grown to about 300, up from 193 in the 1980s. (Xinhua)

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